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Gotta love it when the hands and feet match.

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Time to Unfollow a Few…

Let me start by saying that whatever turns you on is none of my business. As long as it doesn’t harm someone else, have at it.

That being said, there seems to be a disturbing trend on my wall of increased references to “daddy” fetishes. As the father of a nine year old girl, my stomach turns every time I see one of these posts. Therefore, I am gradually deleting anyone I follow who makes that type of reference. Same goes for implied rape, or anything else with depictions of violent or felonious acts against others.

I consider myself to be VERY open-minded. After all, I am “married to an escort”. But I just cannot get behind this kind of stuff. As a husband and father, it repulses me.

If it’s your thing, have at it.

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Another favorite of Renee. There are so many, I may need to do a “pic of the day” or something.

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A more current photo…post-enhancement.

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One of my favorites of Renee.

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Found a few old shots of Renee from a photo shoot about 4 years back…more to follow.

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Evan 100 Proof? Gotta give it a whirl.

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Been awhile since I posted a pic of Renee, so here’s one of my favorites from a shoot she did a few years back. Who doesn’t love pinball???

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I am a sex worker


REBLOG IF YOU ARE A SEX WORKER, KNOW A SEX WORKER, OR SUPPORT SEX WORKER’S RIGHTS AND DECRIMINALIZATION OF PROSTITUTION. Sex work is also not just prostitution. Sex work includes phone sex operators, webcam models, nude print models, erotic writers, fetish clips store owners, and more.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen this. In fact it’s the first time reblogging it AS a sex worker. 

This never gets old.

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have you ever considered role playing to the extend of hiring another escort to fulfill your threesome desires with your wife? my situations is that i'm married, and i have a regular escort companion. we've been at it long enough that my regular actually asked if my wife would ever consider joining us as threesome, not actually admitting the extend in which we have known each other, her just playing the role of a stranger fulfilling a fantasy in our marriage.
jcm4087 asked

I haven’t ever considered bringing another escort into the mix, although it’s not completely out of the question. Renee and I have, however, played with a select few friends. One notable encounter was actually while we were in Mexico on our honeymoon. We met and became friends with another couple there and…well…one thing led to another.

On a side note, there have been a couple times I have “booked” Renee for myself and had her meet me at a hotel room in town. That’s always a fun roleplay.

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Hi i would just like to know how many bookings your wife has on average? Im starting out and I just want to know what to expect.
Anonymous asked

When she first started in the business she would average about one to two bookings per day. Once she became established and highly-rated in our region, she was able to raise her rates and scale back to four or five bookings per week. Now that she is semi-retired from escorting, she only sees her established regulars (approximately 8-10 clients) and she books mostly overnight or weekend appointments. There are a couple clients with whom she will book shorter appointments, but it’s rare. She averages about one to two bookings per week now.

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Hi! I am dating a wonderful beautiful woman, she's the love of my life. We are struggling to make ends met even if I'm working full time, being divorced leaves me with barely enough to pay the rent and utilities. We dream of traveling and eating the world, but we simply cant afford it. Then she came with the idea of becoming an escort and said she always thought about it. I think I'm ok with it and actually turned on by it, but I fear not being able to handle it. Can you give some advice? Thanks
Anonymous asked

I’m not sure if I can give you the advice you are looking for but I’ll do my best. The reason I say that is because escorting isn’t something Renee and I decided on together…it was something she chose to pursue well before we started dating. I learned about the business while being her friend, so there wasn’t a lot of emotional attachment at the time. So once we started dating, I had already been accepting of her occupation for a few years. It was an easier transition than, say, having her as my wife and then deciding to escort. I’m not saying it can’t happen, just that it’s not the way it happened for us.

Also, Renee is an escort for herself, first and foremost. She made the decision herself, to allow her to finish her degree and provide a better life for her and Princess long before I was in the picture. Because of this, she could never resent me for her decision. Unlike the scenario you are describing, whereby your girlfriend would be escorting so you both can “travel and eat the world”. She may, down the road, become resentful of the fact that she has turned to escorting to give you those opportunities, while perhaps feeling as if you’ve not contributed anything to the cause. 

Again not saying it can’t happen, these are just things to consider. Good luck to you both and I’m happy to answer specific questions if you have any.

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Hi There. I would like to pic your brain on how you cope and how you deal with your thoughts as i am exactly the same situation. I love her dearly and i would hate for negative feelings to affect it. What are your coping mechanisms.
blogstevenh asked

Hi Steven, I’m sorry it took me so long to reply to you. I actually never saw your message until now. As for coping…sometimes it’s really hard but I just remind myself that it’s a job and she always comes home to me. I know a lot about her clients (she is semi-retired and only has about 10 regulars) so I take comfort in knowing how she truly views them…as clients ONLY. I’ve learned a lot about the business over the last five years and it’s more similar to other trades than most people realize. Yes, there is physical contact involved, but it’s purely business for her. You have to be able to accept that as truth.

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Hello my name is Elinor, I have done alternative modelling in the past and I had offers of being in porn and escorting. I still live at home so it wasn't possible. However I am single and moving away from home for university in a month. I know the extra money would be such a help. However I get worried no one would ever date me if I was escorting or in adult films, do you think it would put men off?
silentskinnymemories asked

Hi Elinor, honestly there are tons of people who would date you regardless of your chosen career path. That being said, there are probably quite a few who would have a problem with it. What you have to remember’s THEIR problem. It doesn’t matter which path you choose, someone could potentially have an issue with it. You have to take the path that’s right for you, and as long as the person you’re wanting to be with is mature enogh to realize it’s a job, you should have no problem finding that special someone. Will there be bumps in the road? Sure…I’m living proof of that. But it doesn’t change the fact that I love Renee with all my heart and she loves me back 100%. All relationships have issues. Ours are just a little less conventional than others.

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Dude. You can do this. I just came back from a grueling shift and my partner is at one of his lover's place. We can do this. We are worthy, well written individuals.
variousposes asked

Thank you! Today is better, but sometimes it’s so damn hard. I appreciate the support :-)